Unleashed and Unstoppable

How to Get What You Want!

October 19, 2022 Alex Lianne Carter and Carol Register
Unleashed and Unstoppable
How to Get What You Want!
Show Notes

Are you ready to be Unleashed + Unstoppable?

By combining their expertise as Master Certified Neurocoaches, Carol with principles of wealth, and Alex with principles of productivity, they have helped high performers to take their life to the next levels of success and have helped them to get the life they want on their own terms! 

In this episode, Carol and Alex help us understand what is step DAR and how will help us to truly impact our success.

Here are some takeaways: 

·      Knowing neuroscience, we can really go deep and rewire our brains.

·      A thought combined with emotion creates a belief.

·      It's only that 10% where you're consciously aware when you're doing something new.

·      95 to 97% of your decisions and actions come from the thoughts restored in your subconscious, which are your beliefs. 

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